Jan 13, 2017 admin
Resident visas for up to five years from two years before the foreigners to invest
Sri Lanka's economy, the strength of the government has decided to grant residency permits for a period of up to five years from two years before the foreigners to invest in the country for more than 300,000 US dollars.

In addition to tax relief for foreigners to submit to invest more than US $ 1.5 million, said that relief for direct foreign investors further legislation to improve will be provided a number of concessions, including the extension of the visa period and Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said a.

He calls for foreigners to take measures to ease regulations that other foreign exchange regulation in foreign countries to take stock once big money but investing in Sri Lanka.

The Minister said that the Finance Ministry auditorium yesterday (12) at a press conference yesterday.
Further elaborating the minister said Sri Lanka to attract more investment and job creation measures that expanded the loan interest reserves soon chasing country to save it from enabling.

Meanwhile, it said that the money invested and no problems regarding the deposit and the banks as a result, Sri Lankans and no fear without the possibility of their money to invest in the country and that the Lankans in the elections as the steps to deposit their surplus funds local banks .

Minister of Finance pointed out that the stock market's ability to invest in Sri Lanka through various aspects of commercial banking and treasury bonds, while that of the more noted requested chosen to invest in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the situation changed and the government is taking measures to improve the economy of the country and that would be a statement at the Central Bank Governor made a statement quoted Finance Minister pointed out that with the economy in recent times in the ICU.

He added that they will also be announced in the future and who are the high officials of the Central Bank, the Bank misleading emails.