Jan 04, 2017 admin
The European Union will ensure the safety of South Asian migrant workers
The discussion of the challenges faced by migrant workers in South Asia and the European Union delegation in Nepal recently organized by the regional seminar. "Easy transition to working in South Asia and to secure" the theme of the seminar was held in the city of Kathmandu.

Government agencies, institutions, civil society, media, migrant associations, the private sector, the international community, India and the SAARC Secretariat, Pakistan and Bangladesh also participated representing the EU delegation.
Funding is provided for the purpose of facilitating the objective of the EU program for South and Southeast Asia as well as in the European Union selected state and the working migration management. Also, the ongoing policy discussion in accordance with the global approach to migration and mobility and the European Union is committed.

The program of the seminar to share experiences and also were implemented in the EU and the region on migration policy in the European Union was launched here, and a summary of the projects and programs have been.