Dec 11, 2016 admin
Here is a huge deal in the stock market yesterday Orangutan
Colombo Stock Exchange listed company, Commercial Credit and Finance owns 29.99% of shares listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange of Thailand to acquire companies, Group Lease Public Company Limited (GLPCL) Company yesterday (08) was taken on the day.

This is the largest transaction in the history of the recent stock market yesterday, according to the highest turnover recorded after March 16, 2012 (08) was reported today. The Commercial Credit and Finance to buy 95.39 million shares in the Group Lease Public Company Limited, will be received and thus was invested 10.56 billion. The specialty is a part of Rs. By paying 111.00 million Group Lease Public Company Limited. Commercial Credit and Finance at the time the transaction is part of the company's market price. About 61 of the foreign company setting premium paid to acquire shareholding company that is why significant.
The major part of equity sales at Commercial Credit of BG Investments (Pvt.) Ltd (6.98%), CREATION INVESTMENT SRI LANKA LLC (22.26%) and SL. La France (0.74%) and was done by the partners.

Parallel to this transaction Commercial Credit and Finance major shareholder, BG Investments (Pvt.) Ltd owns the full Myanmar BG Microfinance Myanmar Co Ltd (BGMM) of the total shares were sold to the Group Lease Public Company Limited. The $ 8 million investment behalf.