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Central Bank proposals to improve state business
General public without burdening the state-owned business for 10 uplift (to improve the financial situation), the Ministry of Finance has launched a stack of proposed reforms.

State-owned businesses more efficient and profitable, to make effective institutions President Sirisena Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe Mr NIMAL combination of objective and that, according to the reform proposals submitted by the Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake that effect.

Public Enterprises Minister Kabir Hashim, Minister of State Eran Wickramaratne also recalled that the Minister of Finance ordered the new ministry appointed its action in this regard.
Public Sector Banks, Bank of Ceylon, People's Bank and National Savings Bank reforms should be implemented a new scheme to improve its services. The sectoral credit by identifying emerging sectors of the economy of the country, quick cash loans, banking services, using information technology as possible and that reform proposals are a significant financing said.

Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation is to introduce a pension plan to consider increasing aging population and the implementation of measures to improve the economy, the insurance rate.

CEB - Implementing procedures to minimize the delivery system Systems,

To ensure energy security through a combination of non-renewable energy sources, including the use of low-cost coal generation.

Providing electricity at low cost for the economy, while leading emerging industry reflects the cost price of a policy to move to be added.

CPC - the ability to test for oil by marban contracts between governments.
Testing capability Trincomalee oil tank revert to utilize.

Planning to start a project to establish a new high-technology to reduce the cost of oil pipelines across the country set up because of the oil pipeline to transport oil to the outdated storage to port.

Sri Lanka Ports Authority - Infrastructure improvement and development of capacity through the introduction of new technologies.

Introduction of specific marketing and business development plans that could be adapted to the increasing financial cost medium term target revenue growth processes with the port sector.

Since the total amount of debt obligations of the Port Authority, representing about 69 percent of its total assets in credit debt management strategy for the implementation of appropriate sthayikara?ayak.

The National Water Supply and Drainage Board - the project should be introduced closer monitoring mechanism for the implementation of the proposed project on time.

Projects aimed at reducing non-revenue water should be expedited in order to improve company revenue.

The first should be a proper cost-benefit analysis to select a project.

For long-term strategy must be formulated to ensure a level of 100% coverage of safe drinking water.

PROFIT / Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) - MRIA should be managed in accordance with the framework of a specific business unit International Airport, government policy.

To maintain brand image of the country and tourists are important to provide an efficient service to / LOSS Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) must prove.

Infrastructure should be expanded in line with the increase in demand, including hasuruvimada airport and ground operations.

Domestic airports should be developed in line with the growth of tourism industry.

SriLankan Airlines - a decline in operating performance in the face of financial problems should accelerate the process of selection of a suitable partner to overcome.

Preparation of running routes reset air fleet and other local measurements by maintaining accurate, subject to assumptions primarily carried out, the airline has been pointed out by consultants Taiwan to the Ministry of Finance that come due not damaged during the period of 2.5 years .