Nov 16, 2016 admin
Sri Lanka satisfactory medium-term growth - ADB says report
Sri Lanka continued favorable medium-term growth level that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Director General of the Independent Evaluation Committee, Mervyn Taylor said. The Asian Development Bank says a report issued by an independent assessment on the use of US $ 5.5 million loan funded by the Asian Development Bank provided to Sri Lanka during the last ten-year period since 2015.

The report further states that through the Asian Development Bank, the program has given through the field contributes to the development of infrastructure in the affected areas during the last war and the least developed regions in Sri Lanka.
However, in this study, the Asian Development Bank said the crisis is to increase the income of state is faced with the Government of Sri Lanka, and that energy policy challenges. It further reads that have led to a lack of public services are helping to spread economic growth on loans to focus on the large drop in revenue.

Authorities have also approved in October by the Asian Development Bank US $ 250 million loan in order to develop the capital market in the country.