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The best football player of the year Ronaldo


ronaldo-_xlThe best soccer player by the International Football Federation FIFA first introduced the awards night in the Portuguese team and Real Madrid cristiano ronaldo represents the year.

Ronaldo was awarded as the best soccer player in the category ohr de balloons in December, the International Federation held.

School computer security incidents response …


qq_xlInformation and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka said that the response of schools to set up forums computer security incidents.

They face adverse rescue tattavayangen students using the Internet is also a problematic situation, were it to face the purpose of the guidance is to handle the most systematic.

Goverment Office solar energy program starts today..


solar-power-systems-3Sri Lanka has become a reality for the course of the rapid development of the national program to transform today’s green energy (09) will start.

The national program under its first public institutions to transform solar energy and will commence at 8.00 am today, the Ministry of Finance said.

Sri Lanka Under-19 cricket team will leave for South Africa


ed-logSri Lanka, Sri Lanka Under-19 Youth Cup for South Africa and Zimbabwe Under-19 team participated in the 7 matches in a triangular ODI tournament went to South Africa yesterday.

Avishka Fernando led Sri Lanka youth team on Wednesday (January 11) will participate in the next match on Sunday (April 15) will face South Africa in the first match with the youth team. The second match will be held on April 16 with Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka in the preliminary round. Will be in attendance for 6 matches with Africa and Zimbabwe.

President says ASP suitable for the Qatari Ambassador


o02_lPresident Maithripala Sirisena said the billionaire businessman ASP Liyanage has been appointed as the ambassador to Qatar a government of Sri Lanka.

The appointment was given to him on 31 July, reports say.

New Zealand wins tournament


n_xlBangladesh team against New Zealand, Bay Oval today (8) New Zealand won by 27 runs in the third Twenty20 international cricket team, was able to overcome a 3-0 Twenty20 series consists of 3 matches played between the two countries.

Chasing a victory target of 195 runs for Bangladesh due to the loss of 6 wickets in 20 overs were bowled out for 167 runs.

A country can not develop without Workshops



Management Minister Anura Yapa said that the issue of a strategy for the development of factories in the country.

The Minister pointed out that the developing countries can not have factories.

Ministers held a public meeting in Kurunegala Anura Yapa made these comments.

Another $ 5 billion from China to develop Hambantota



Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China iṣiyæṁliyæn said it expects to invest US $ 5 billion for the next five years in the development of bilateral China Development Zone.

Australia and Pakistan third Test match – Australia Wins


7-cricket-australiaTravel between Australia and Pakistan at the third Test match score of 220 to win it held in Australia.

Accordingly, a drop of more than 03 as Australia won the Test series.

Australia scored 538 runs in 08 overs in the first innings of the third match between Pakistan XI to 315 all out was available.

Today is the opening of Hambantota Zone


hambantota_port_docPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today’s opening of Hambantota Investment Promotion Zone (07) is carried out.

The Government Information Department said Leanne iṣiyæn Chinese Ambassador in Sri Lanka would participate.