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New discpverd 07 planets – suitable for human habitation


2017-02-26_200403NASA astronomers have uncovered 07 new planets similar to Earth orbiting a single star.

News reports quoted the report says that among the three planets suitable for human habitation than just the idea that scientists said.

A statement of mutual agreement between the port and the port of Kobe, Japan

w4b16e6c7-6Japan, to be held in Kobe, “International Conference on the ports’ have been invited to participate to the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

Highway maintenance and control to new company



Has decided to set up a special company for highway maintenance and control local government internal sources.

The new company is said to have planned to establish a company not owned by the Ministry of Highways.

Sri Lanka and China Frienship over60 years



Chinese President Xi Jinping has taken place with regards to his message to the growth of formal relations between the changes in the international pravaṇatāvanhi past 60 years.

China – Sri Lanka relations and deep appreciation for his “one belt, one way” and expressed praise for being one of the enabled Sri Lanka to the proposal.

Sri Lanka cricket captain Angelo Mathews lose Bangladesh test series..


wurySri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews has lost the opportunity to attend regular Test series against Bangladesh.

Due to adverse reactions, tournament event lost 20/20 overs against Australia at Mathews lost the opportunity to play the final ball and 20/20 match ODI series against South Africa.

Sri Lanka Cricket said in a statement today said that Matthews to lose opportunities of participating in the two-Test tournament played against Bangladesh.

Top 25 best harbors in the world Port



International ælfālayinar (Alphaliner) has the best ports in the top 25 according to the 2017 port.

The classification has been ranked 23rd out of the Port of Colombo harbors the best in the world in 2016. Coming forward three places compared to 2015, it is. In 2015, 26 stations were granted the Port of Colombo.

Ports and Shipping Minister Arjuna Ranatunga says that the reason for this victory to create a suitable environment for business at the Port of Colombo.

Sri Lanka Cricket Team Players changed


adadTest and one-day home series against Bangladesh reported some changes happen in Sri Lanka. The changes carried out in England “A” is the further training after the match-day series against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Two Bangladesh next week comes to Sri Lanka, where Tests, three ODIs and twenty will participate in two matches.

And led the tournament in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka cricket captain Angelo Mathews Regular players who failed the South African tour of “A” championships of new players the opportunity to see more there is a chance for it fail.

China will continue with Sri Lanka



The Chinese Communist Party has said that China is a true friend of the future with Sri Lanka.

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and other senior members of President Maithripala Sirisena said that President Mahinda Rajapakse declared that the meeting time.

Term relationships between the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the Chinese Communist Party has been discussed at length at the future to further increase.

Contract signed for the National College of Education Technology



The signing of the Memorandum of the National Academy of Education will be built in the Kuliyapitiya education in the Korean financial donation yesterday (22) were the Ministry of Education.

The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam and Education State Minister and Radhakrishnan, one of the Special Representative Lee Don think of the Republic of Korea for the Korean government of Sri Lanka on behalf of the Education Ministry Secretary Sunil Hettiarachchi sign (Lee Dong Ku) was signed.

CMA members elected Company Secretary


cmaslwwwCertified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (Institute of Certified Management Accountant of Sri Lanka) said members of the company who is authorized to enroll as secretaries, dated 2016 20 12 of them made by the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007,