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CMA members elected Company Secretary


cmaslwwwCertified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (Institute of Certified Management Accountant of Sri Lanka) said members of the company who is authorized to enroll as secretaries, dated 2016 20 12 of them made by the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007,

Australia won by 41 runs – Sri Lanka vs Australia 3rd T20


91489854438291_n41 overs, losing the third 20/20 cricket match against Australia, Sri Lanka won today.

The tournament was won by Sri Lanka in the first two matches was able to overcome a 2-1 series.

The contest was held in Adelaide on grounds lapse opportunity to attend Niroshan dikvællaṭa, the location was given, śānakaṭaya scenes.

People’s Bank Self-banking unit of Bank Jaffna


3abfe75843_xlPeople’s Self latest banking unit (CDM / ATM / Kisok) Bank Chief Executive Officer / General Manager. Vasantha Kumar recently by the People’s Bank branch was opened on Stanley Road, Jaffna.

People’s Bank to accelerate its digital banking karaminyāpanaya significant milestone mark in the city and introduced self-banking unit, (Self Banking unit) automated teller machine (ATM) cash deposit machine (CDM) and bill payment machine (Kisok) facility. This 7 days a week, 24 hours a day the whole school year, the most convenient, efficient and a bank to gain.

Why the US dollar is increase day by day?


q_tAccording to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka issued on exchange rates of US dollar sales price has now gone up to Rs 153.44.

This value is considered as the value of the US dollar so far.

Last December the US dollar continued to exceed the value of Rs 152.

Fishing boats registration can now online..


q00The Disaster Management Ministry of Fisheries has advised the Department of Fisheries of the fishing vessel register from next year to take over the Internet.

Fisheries Ministry said that the Minister instructed to by the next year from the registration activities via the Internet, every two years.

The registration of fishing vessels annually, while the registration work will be done by the fisheries ministry.

The return stated that due to the fisheries ministry for carrying out the registration of its distance from the fishermen.

Fisheries Ministry said that the minister has given instructions to the relevant fishing vessels taking into account the difficulties of the fulltime online.

Srilanka vs Australia last T20 Match Today…


dh-schedule-fixturTourism and Sri Lanka and Australia 3rd and final twenty overs cricket match held in Adelaide Oval today.

Held as a day and night match will begin at 2 pm Sri Lanka time.

Sri Lanka won the last tournament championship by winning the first two overs.

Ada Derana Manusath tree planting project in a million


wb3The official launch of planting one million trees in the region Manusath Ada nature force the implementation of the project in Colombo today (22) at.

Reporter as he stated that it has been prepared by the need to hold all of the Royal College 9.00 at the opening ceremony.

128 schools in the Colombo region has planned to implement the project.

Sri Lanka 2 restaurants and 50 restaurants best in Asia


aotelnew2Asia’s top 50 best restaurants to visit Sri Lanka has two restaurants.

The presentation of the World Restaurant in Bangkok this two restaurants said to be elected.

Place winner of 29 of Asia’s Restaurant “minisṭri of kræb” If Restaurant has.

Won 49 out of place on Sri Lanka passed the Asian restaurants and restaurants.

Ben Stock Indian Premier League highest bid


b400England all-rounder has become the fastest-selling foreign player Ben Stock Indian Premier League highest bid.

According to him, has been sold for one million British pounds in seven foreign media reported.

“Ricin Pune supargeyinṭ” The team he has bought.

New features Navaloka Brain Surgery Unit


dpitalNawaloka Brain Center snāyurōgī using all the latest treatments for medical conditions Brain expertise are allowed. The unit has been set up at the center for neurological disorders with the world’s most advanced scanning technology.

Stroke, headache, epilepsy, brain and spinal-emanating nuts (cancer etc), brain and acupuncture Accidents, blunted based therapies for possible medical conditions caused neurological therapy senseless suffering and weaknesses, such as the brain and nervous system in a service specialist interesting one of the hospital.