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BlackBerry Classic smartphone end the production.

q620x360BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Classic is the smartphone production stopped. This one should be raised button keyboard smartphone introduced in 2014 BlackBerry Bold mobile phone as a substitute.

Commenting on the BlackBerry, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, said, Ralph dew. “Today, many people have been drawn to the latest iPhones and Android devices.


Sri Lanka goverment own amarican building for rent.

360In the office before running the Sri Lankan embassy in the United States, in Washington, DC, Government of Sri Lanka building is now used by anyone and will not be, the Government of Sri Lanka building an economically effective way to use the appropriate that has been observed.


Now do not want to be tired vehicle – Here is the latest method

w28Motor Vehicle Department “E Car Project ‘output, and implementing the delivery (Build, Operate and Transfer) Cabinet approval has been granted to the project.

According to a management system for the Department of Motor Traffic Sharing files, three elements of the system and to improve the registration system of vehicles currently operating its network and improve (03) implementation of the above projects are expected.