GSP Plus to Sri Lanka to send relief goods to Europe again


gsp-plus-2The sanctions were imposed in the export of goods to the European Union and an enhanced opportunities to access the European market, the European Commission was officially announced today in parts of the country has taken measures to once again GSP Plus concession.

Human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and good governance and the decision was taken by the European Commission’s positive commitment for 27 components under international agreements.

The brand will be the preferred relief from taxes on imported fish products and apparel sectors yen, including taxes for 66%.

Commenting on the European Commission’s Trade Commissioner Cecilia malmsá¹­rom said. “GSP + concession to Sri Lanka’s economy is very important to contribute. This European market to their goods exports which will grow further. The human rights in Sri Lanka, we hope to see further progress in future reforms done to the law and good governance. “

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