Manufacturing new medicine drugs in Japan


qf95e_lSigned an agreement with Japan International Cooperation Agency for the construction of a new manufacturing facility with infrastructure and modern machinery to improve pharmaceuticals manufacturing pharmaceutical production capacity, tomorrow (11) at the Ministry of Health at 2.00pm health, nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Minister Dr. Rajitha will take place under the patronage of the occasion.

The cost for the amount of 1.5 billion.

The government of over 55 billion per year for medicines and other medical supplies will be spent.

Corporations currently produces pharmaceutical products only, 32 species, of 12100 drugs.

The Minister of Health has decided to expand production capacity to provide high quality drugs to hospitals throughout the country and the local market.

Moreover, its aim is to save more foreign exchange.

2018, 75 percent of drug production in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Purpose of the Health Minister said.

The 32 agreements with pharmaceutical companies for the State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation has signed sudānamn to produce drugs.

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