Goverment Office solar energy program starts today..


solar-power-systems-3Sri Lanka has become a reality for the course of the rapid development of the national program to transform today’s green energy (09) will start.

The national program under its first public institutions to transform solar energy and will commence at 8.00 am today, the Ministry of Finance said.

Public institutions will be spread across the country to transform solar energy under President Maithripala Sirisena’s sustainable development strategy and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s rapid economic development. Prior to considering the whole world green energy as an answer to the energy crisis in 2017 budget has provided a successful approach, and Sri Lanka.

Our country stands at around 4,000 MW of electricity generation. Due to the rapid development in the country by 2020 and up to 5300 MW of electricity needs, by 2025 it is predicted to increase from the 7500 MW.

Monthly payment of electricity consumers in more than 2000 rupees facilitates the government to translate its energy source of green energy source. This will provide a loan of up to Rs 150,000 and 50% of the interest banks are expected to be borne by the government. The 2017 budget has been allocated Rs 1,500 million. Translations aim to green energy sources such as solar power, government buildings all within the next two years. The initial step in this year’s budget by the amount of Rs 350 million has been allocated.

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