Rangana Herath’s victory when defeat Tests


slsw3Due to South Africa for the ongoing Sri Lanka South Africa Test series in Sri Lanka has declined precipitously many conversations and focus marking one set Sri Lankan bowlers in the tournament because of poor sports style focus batsman in Sri Lanka covering these defeats dark clouds opted last.

The abuse hurled defeated Sri Lanka in the second cricket Test between the beat now at the leading bowler Rangana Herath, Sri Lanka captain after his career was a landmark in the second Test. Sri Lanka’s Test matches in Sri Lanka to consider when the bowlers bowling well among bowlers Muttiah Muralitharan has taken the lead in international deliveries. His 800 wickets in 133 Tests (5 min for the ICC team 795+ Sri Lanka) have been obtained. The Sri Lankan bowler Chaminda Vaas was the second highest Test wicket-winning. He played 111 wickets in 355 had been reported.

However, Sri Lanka – arm spinner was ranked 3 on the list was the highest wicket between Sri Lanka bowlers Rangana Herath before the South Africa Test series has passed the test taragavaliyēdī with Chaminda Vaas to 06 wickets taken so far. That is up from the 1997 Games in Rangana Herath has taken 357 wickets in 77 Tests. The current location of the International Bowling 21 Test wickets conceding list actor later. He is currently ranked 19th and 20th place, respectively, before Pakistan’s Imran Khan (played 88 matches, 362 wickets) and New Zealand’s Daniel Vettori (362 wickets in just 113 matches) and former Test cricketer.

So now Sri Lanka – could exceed Imran Khan, another actor for 6 labāgatahot South Africa Test series. If McNamara to the next Thursday (12th) starts 3rd johænasbarghidī There Rangana Test. Rangana Herath other performances against South Africa (including the last match) was run in 8 games and obtained 31 per wicket. 8 out of 16 matches, he is seen haul of wickets in 5 matches in the games in South Africa. He also reported that a test has been developed out of 231 wickets in 357 overs out of 41 matches lauded Sri Lanka itself. He won the second highest number of wickets taken (24) United Arab Emirates rājyayēdīya.

Actor-wicket haul against the 90 level in 9 countries or international status of the highest Test wicket against Pakistan on the amount received. It is 19 matches played. The second highest number of Test wickets (60) is picked off the calories in 11 matches against Australia. And his career best bowling scoring against Pakistan (at 127 – 9 min) recorded the best Test bowling Rangana recorded whether pākistānayaṭama against (at 184 – 14) is the most prominent.

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