55,000 million in bond auction Monday



On January 09, 2017 to Rs 55,000 million in Treasury auction has been called. The auction for 2019 called by the Department of the Central Bank debt, 2021, 2024 and 2026 respectively million years maturing so 6000, 16000, 16000 and 17000 will be presented to each of the bonds.

The department will be announced January 10, 2017 to make the public debt in the Rs 24,000 million in Treasury bills issue. The debt office has revealed that the first T-bill auction, where the accepted bids of Rs 31.155 million last year, a new on January 04.

The auction interest rates, the increase reported in the 91 days interest bills – 8.72% from 8.78% up to, 182 days bills increased 9.63% to 9.79% interest rate has gone up from 10.22% to 10.17 and the 364 day bills interest.


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