CHC Investments, Pan Asia Bank to retire


pabc_6wPan Asia Bank Ltd, the third largest shareholder of CHC Investments (Pvt) Ltd, today completed its entire stake (29) to sell on the day.

Pan shares inception of the Investment CHC 29 million, Rs. 21.00 each, the shares were sold here.

The Pan 29,073,325 shares at Rs. Turnover of 610.53 million recorded in the transaction was negotiated through a 21.00 each.

CHC Investments is a three-party joint investment arm. Galle Face Hotel Group, Hirdaramani Group and billionaire investor Ajith Devasurendra the parties trinity CHC Investments (Pvt) Ltd is under review.

The party of the transaction the purchaser has not been uncovered.

The shares issued share capital of 9.85% of Pan Asia Bank.

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