Vegetable prices to increase


aa0cca2ad7_xlThe oil price fell on the prices of some vegetables could increase three to two weeks that the president of the Dambulla Economic Centre Commercial Association yu.ār.dayā Nandasiri said.

As more farmers on irrigation systems with the situation the weather dry in the past due interest in vegetables and additional crops to market, mostly vegetable stock, bring price back the way down and that the situation now Vegetables grown in the end because of the types, apart from the many vegetables from increasing in price due to the reduction in stocks, he added.

The cabbage, eggplant, mackerel, radish, dam̆baḷa, okra, gourd vegetables and Rs 20-40 per kilo in the wholesale price yesterday, there are a range of other species up and Rata in all types of vegetables in the wholesale price of a kilo of data 60-180 and the Bureau.

Recently the price ranges were green chillies, tomatoes, beans, carrots, leek, bits, ridged, Beet and vegetables prices have increased and that the report had said that a price of between 150-200 million for drumsticks and peppers.

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