Bank of Ceylon 8 billion of debentures



Sri Lankan banking giant Bank of its Debenture Issue 8 (21) will be open to the public.

“77 years of unbroken faith, the predecessor of Bank of Ceylon in Sri Lanka with the banking sector was buoyant bank raise more than 44 billion debt issued by the largest credit institution in the last issue of Sri Lankan market.

BOC Deputy General Manager of the debentures that shows confidence placed by investors in bank adhidāyakavīma the issue all day (International, Treasury and Investment Banking) S. M. S. C. Jayasuriya was declared.

The issue is expected to be linked to the expansion of the Bank’s loan portfolio to the entire process. Total loan portfolio of Rs 9 months in 2016. Grew by 74 billion.

Through a variety of deposit and loan funding despite many ways, the debt funding the bank’s medium term financial strength is further diversified collected by issuing. Another purpose of the offering is expected through the Bank’s capital base offered by the fluctuations in the financial sector faced strong, its assets and liabilities to maturity caused by periodic changes properly managed.

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