Sri Lanka is a great hospitality


m60“Hospitality has always been a very high level to meet the person they use to treat a smile can have something that is rarely seen in Sri Lanka. Also very promising country. The most suitable destination for tourists. Amenities very high. I believe, could have the benefits of high-level contacts with the parties to promote a country like Sri Lanka. “

Minister of Economic Affairs said last Khikmanllozoda Nenatullo Promotion Mercantile tajikisthān arrived with President tajikisthān the visit to Sri Lanka was declared on the Promotional discuss bilateral relations at his chambers kankanamge priceless Chairman Dr. Colombo Chamber.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe invitation of the country’s official visit to the tajikisthān President Emomali Rahmon with both the country’s state chief ministers of state with the country’s chambers of commerce with many arrivals and gracefully with a number of parties on the promotion of relations between the two countries. The signing of the basic agreement to start a joint promotion with the Chamber of Commerce’s Trade Minister and Cabinet tajikisthān the length of the discussions between the relevant facts by the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Colombo was.

The rare opportunity Chambers sector in Sri Lanka. Tajikisthān start relationships with people the government sector the opportunity to Chambers by the agreement has the potential to bring a large number of businesses in a number of business sectors in the country. A big demand in the country, especially for tea. As they told me to get along with Sri Lanka’s tea Europe. So obtained is of inferior quality tea that they are mentioned. The special attention should be. Despite sending the young tea foreign markets is very high teas in Sri Lanka continued to reason that if the collapse of a large tea industry in Sri Lanka. Also to start bilateral tourism promotion both very high returns may be a long discussion with the Minister of Economic Development was established, including missions that. Colombo Chamber of Commerce seeks to educate businesses on all the tourist industry. Soon tells Trade Mission organized a visit to their request to have engaged in the coming year, Dr. Amila kankanamge said Colombo was chairman of the Chamber to deal with the official visit of President Maithripala Sirisena tajikisthāna.

The opportunities for tajikisthān investment of state property management national committee chairman Qodiri Qosim Economic Affairs Advisor to the President Farrukh Hamralizoda said tajikisthān Foreign Ministry Asian – African Zone Head Khisrav Goibov said tajikisthān Ambassador Sherali Jononor said commercial, senior vice president Prasanna Liyanage were participated.

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