Year 2016 soccer player Ronaldo


ronaldo-302World football’s best player in action appreciating famous Ballon d’Or award to Portugal’s star players cristiano Ronaldo managed. End of the year offered by its powerful rival player Lionel Messi of Argentina, surpassing Ronaldo International Football Association award for the fourth consecutive said. Ronaldo became the first player in 2008 and then in 2013, 2014 years of the award took over.

The last fight in step with the world-class 31-year-old Ronaldo, Messi said most times of the year award for the player award, and continues to protect the crown from 2009 to 2009, won the award for the year 2012, almost 5.

The poll carried out by a special committee of world football, which included 173 international journalists were selected in this year’s football player.

“I never thought I would be able to win the fourth vatāṭavat golden ball award. I’m very proud of. And happy. “Said Ronaldo Award.

Real Madrid team to contribute to achieve Champions League football championship last year, he represented Ronaldo who won this year’s Euro Cup Soccer Tournament 3 goals scored by the Portuguese champions.

Ronaldo played 42 games this year to 38 million the number of goals scored there.

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