16th anniversary of the Sri Lanka radio 91


radio-slSri Lanka Broadcasting start date of the 91-year anniversary of the 16 th. The article to mark.

World man before she introduced two decades of radio waves, Sri Lanka was fortunate enough to start broadcasting the country on 16 December 1925, ie.

The then Governor Sir Hugh Clifford said the country, promoting the country’s broadcast includes broadcast speech from a gallery built Central Telegraphic Office considered the first radio program. Limited to the first few hours of programs from Western music, trade reports and weather reports were limited.

Radio News, in 1927, joined the broadcast. The first music program presented by M. via radio. G. Perera was recognized that won great admiration audience. English as the first radio announcer R. R. Anderson and, as the English announcer D. M. It is also informed that the ministry. As the rest of the staff announcer O. workforce early periods. Y. Perera, T. M. Ruberu prevalent Fernando, Thevis Guruge, Karunaratne Abeysekera, MA. DR. Gunapala also hunts radio history.

Puḷulvatma radio broadcasting system, the authorities realized that it is not sufficient for the central post office built studio. As a result, radio company was brought in an old mental hospital building’s Torrington in December 1927.

Radio propaganda becomes first sermon date 21 April 1928. He turf, weeds Siri Vajiragnana dowry. In 1939, the radio much needed void in the music sector, appointed a permanent orchestral dynamics. H. Don Vincent Peiris, Chief of the symphony was. In 1941, Yu. it. S. Mr. Perera, Siri brother nicknamed the children’s programs, children’s luster may be the current age adults, even today, are great Malavige recalled.

Second World War eḷabetma, more security was shifted to building the Bauer Radio Cotta Road expectation. John N. Britain to Sri Lanka radio restructured in late 1949. Lǣmpsan country, was called. He said a formal plan for the radio upgrade. Radio Bauer maintained Borella building, he again did Torrington is located, for the construction of a new building complex task mulapuramini. Torrington Square consists of ten studios in 1950, ended Broadcasting Centre construction.

Aṁśatrayenma music, drama, vocal, this was a time when the elect provider programs for religious subjects. In 1951, the school radio service in Arabic. After lǣmpsan has retired from service in 1952, was appointed as the Director General of Radio MA civil service. JR. Perera.

1953 N. State Attorney. e. Mr. Nanayakkara, the radio, the next move to implement the recommendations of the Commission appointed to guide planning, M. JR. Perera has done a great dedication. M. JR. After Perera, Director General, respectively, as radio became civil servants C. JR. Serasinha, Tilak Gunaratne, S. B. Senanayake, Ronnie de Mel, Vincent Pandita, D. ALUWIHARE the state officials.

Same time as the Director of English Services Administration official who did illustrious K. H. JR. Reveal who. Significant increase in the quality of services in those programs of English Vidyalaya. On 23 June 1966, an efficient civil servant, Neville Jayaweera who was taken in by the radio director general duties.

His reign Radio advancement causes many important policy decisions were implemented. In 1965, the government appointed by HM. it. JR. The Hulugalla Commission, the nation’s expectations for performance, contributing in no small given Neville Jayaweera, Director-General for the implementation of the recommendations of good for producing a quality broadcasts.

Implementing important nardēśayak Commission, on 5 January 1967, the Department of radio to become a corporation. In addition, radio programs he has implemented a number of new policy decisions in order to increase the quality.

Can be described as the golden era of the seventies decade in the history of radio. This time, Lady TM, Thevis Guruge, Director General of Radio One, under veteran teachers, almost every radio service that will improve the quality of vidyāmānavē. Now, even during the creation of the most popular songs.

Mahagamasekara, S. Madawala. Ratnayake, WA. DR. Amaradewa, Dalton Alwis, Dayananda Gunawardena, Premakeerthi Alwis One of talented contemporary air Makers contribution bhāvapūrṇa, alchemy radio program, which attracted strong audience and greatly honored that the community is depicted as not exaggerate at all. During this period absēkara citrānanda serve as directors of English Services, H. M. Gunasekera also be remembered gratitude the contribution of radio incomparable.

Sarath Palitha Perera as publishers and information Wimalaweera abhi grasp the great events of the disciples painted their colorful air clattered

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