Japan’s Fukushima area around a strong tremor: tsunami warning


japan-eqJapan NHK TV revealed that its power units 7.4 A major that.

Weather officials have warned that a tsunami could be related to the Fukushima area of Japan after the quake struck.

The people in Fukushima coast near Fukushima has asked municipal authorities to withdraw from the area.

Earthquake has occurred, Xinhua reported that the local time this morning around 6.00 am.

En.ec.kē. Television reported that, after the quake struck ṣinkāsen that express bullet train services suspended.

The port city of Sendai, Miyagi meters from one of about 40 cm tsunami reported that en.ec.kē television revealed that.

Following a strong earthquake in 2011 in the area around the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Fukushima, where the heavy damages.

Japanese authorities say, the morning of the strong earth quake damaged the plant that is being tested at present on what will happen.

However, 3 of the Fukushima nuclear power plant cooling system is deactivated when the spokesman for the country’s Chief Cabinet Secretary yoṣīhiḍē television media Suga said.

But he said that nuclear power is not recorded temperature increase or other extraordinary circumstances.

The Japanese government has already yoṣīhiḍē Suga television media has been appointed a special task force to check the status of the Fukushima plant.

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