What is COPE?



COPE (COPE) or the Committee on Public Parliament (The Committee on Public Enterprises) in this regard on society more attention has been drawn. But many people in the society is suspicious there is a true understanding of the COPE. Therefore on my set.

Fiscal responsibility has been entrusted with control Parliament. Parliament is held by the government bodies responsible to implement in this regard, because the public funds. Of the Constitution the powers of the Parliament of the state financial control is included in Chapter XVII. The 148, 149, 150, 151 and 154 Sections and contain provisions in this regard.

However, Parliament has the high amount of work and as a result only a limited time you can also specify the responsibilities of each kāryayakaṭama certain functions are used, a procedure done through the Special Committee in order to gain the confidence of the entire team of the Constitutional Council. This method is also an effective method and results for the efficient work of the Constitutional Council.

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