US President Donald Trump


tnloadUS presidential candidate of the Democratic Party won the attention of the world the battle to defeat Hillary Clinton, the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump has won.

The President should be to become a vote of 270 college full power.

Results have been released so far 50 state election in the United States, Donald Trump won 276 electoral and Hillary Clinton could win only 218 electorates.

Number of votes of the American people in 50 states have been declared according to each state will be determined based on the winning candidate in each electoral division.

On February 50 he states the number of total number of electoral college votes, or 538 votes, while the number of schools should be a candidate to win the US election system, according to 270.

Hillary Clinton, according to foreign media reports that beating Donald Trump now confirmed the victory of the 276 electorates.

Lights have been an opportunity to become president of the United States with 45 victories and lost time Hillary was the first woman to become President of the American presidential history.

Meanwhile, in Trump congratulated him wholeheartedly greet Hillary Clinton had won the BBC reports.

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