Australian immigration policy more sharply


australia-immigration2News quotes the Australian Government is taking steps to raise another law for illegal immigrants to come to his country.

The government then allowed to settle in the country then, when people migrated to Australia in 2013 unauthorized boat refugee Indonesian port was to ban illegal immigrants by introducing a new policy on 19 July 2013.

Tried to enter their country illegally turned back to the Middle East countries, each parent, again no reason for anyone to come to Asia, Africa and so osṭrēliyāṭa has said that Prime Minister Malcolm ṭarnbul allowed.

The illegal migrants were sent to be turned back as a legitimate, even as tourists, businessmen, or allow the entry of his country under any circumstances, that the Prime Minister has pointed out that the relevant legal provisions to be presented to Parliament next week.

He further said that the very clear message cueing.

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