Rugby Tournament are set standards Quality.


a6a82fc0a0c_lSri Lanka Rugby Football Union has decided to revamp the country’s objective of a quality rugby matches at the standardization level of control of events and sports.

The decision taken at the Executive Committee meeting held in the first half of this week, in effect the immediate effect that the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union Secretary Naseem Mohammed said.

The organizers must be approved by the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union tournament for the parent association accepted prior to the other.

“Standardization of tournaments they decided to hold the tournament, not to discourage. According to the guidelines of the Association of World Rugby Tournament to support them in the way of this orientation is to ”

“Any age group organizers will need the approval of the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union to organize the tournament. And what seems to be a need for basic security and other players at the tournament, “said Nazim said.

All the affiliated associations will be notified scheme outside the Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union competitions Referees and judges with judges to serve as part of the process will be terminated by any of his team tournament in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Rugby Football Union Rugby Union in this development process.

Some organizers are not held by the rules of a specific number of tournaments played and junior age groups, according to internal information. Recently tournament at 6.30 pm it was also reported that the lights at the time 4 minutes, giving the two semi-final at a junior rugby tournament began in the middle.

In the age group under 12 years was held this weekend in a ten rugby tournament and divide into three parts the ground. It may be less than the amount of space to play often. Rugby scholars are complaints such tournaments should be subjected to a subtle test.

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