The splitting of the earth begins


the-splitting-of-the-earth-beginsEarth through several continents, scientists have recently discovered and this split is through the large cracks in the ground is made through Algeria has been revealed and that a hail fell across the Atlantic ocean floor to wait.

The reason for our vast slums or sub-layers or layer is made outside the earth’s crust in magma lava Plate mill internal different directions traveling shows. The moving layers, sometimes traveling to face present collide. Europe and Asia will have another 200 million years, according to the Eurasian Plate at a landscape or a layer with each layer of the Australian landscape. The final result will be in North America and Europe and Eurasian layer in the Australian landscape layer (ibēriyānu Peninsula in Portugal and Spain) has become one of the fields between the two Atlantic is completely missing.

North America and Europe to be more than 200 million years, but it became the site for the process has now begun. Palmer across the Atlantic Ocean, a huge group of scientists of the University of Lisbon, Portugal map has already been created. The National Geographic Society has prepared a report which spaces when the teræpīmak hit Earth and brought to face each other two more strong Plate Plate Plate is a weak underlying layer that travel spurts. Then, it gradually weakened Plate billboard. It may continue to see thousands of miles as a mountain range or a five-flat. The event can be seen through the opening flank of Algeria. Currently, it appears as a rift still fall down, into the ground along the line rupture gradually after millions of years.

International magazine were reports of Geology was published on 6 June this year, the news of the seam. This process is continuing and more form a single site along the ground all around the Earth when a million years, it will lower the common ground of a single ocean. The process of at least three cases have occurred in the past 4 billion years since the Earth from the bottom. End of the ground made up of a single super-continent or pænjiyāva we settled that. The form of the super-continent will enter a suitable future civilization.

New research in the seam up through the Earth led to the joāḍ ḍuvārut paryēṣakayāyi Lisbon University. His opinion would be generated in the future, like super-continent pænjiyāva appearance.

Seam across the Atlantic ocean floor lies at a distance of 120 miles southwest of Portugal. It is 180 miles long, the crowd cracks occurred sporadically. Seam broke on the right than on the Eurasian say that layer. The amount of increase in Asia, Europe and the entire European landscape layer includes one or Plate. The more time, the Eurasian layer is divided. Scientists have long suspected that since the preparation can lead to cracks in geological layer adjacent to Portugal. Since ancient times, this area seismic and variability of a number of other underlying ground. In 1755, for example, a large earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal, who took. It is a time of human life and property damage was. The power was revealed recently that strong enough to be recorded at 8.7 Richter magnitude. (Never found the scale in 1755). This type of seismic activity in the Pacific during the last Pacific landscape had. The area known as the Ring of Fire or the ring of fire. The worst and most active volcanoes in the world only because of the name of the area. In this area took place in 2011 due to severe earthquake tsunami was.

According to the researcher ḍuāratē joāḍ attached to the University of Lisbon, for the past 20 years, he and his team have prepared maps of the seabed area fire rings. Fire rings Eurasian region layer is made up of a dense layer of rock after the current seam grew heavier layer is divided section of the Earth’s center drifted subsidence. North America and Europe are added as a result. Then comes the Atlantic, will join the world’s oceans, I lost.

After the African continent will be added to the North American mainland Europe. As a result, missing the Mediterranean Ocean. And water the world’s oceans are being added. Next, it was put together would create a kan̆duvæṭiyat of the Himalayas.

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