Limit register external degrees! – Circular leaves


2236The University Grants Commission has taken steps to limit external university undergraduates registration.

Accordingly, this faculty can register for the external degrees internally students are admitted only a similar number. The University Grants Commission has taken this decision in the 2016/13 circular informing all the universities and the circular will be implemented from the first of next month.

The former Ministry of Higher Education SB government with the aim of improving the quality of external degrees. B. Dissanayake that the number of students enrolled for the number of students that can register the internal faculty and double the limit pressure of the University Grants Commission on the need to remove the opposition.

Such restrictions could mean that the injustice of the rural youth expected to be especially higher education.

However, external undergraduates Registration limited to the decision taken by the UGC is being reported that the opposition within the university.

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