Apple launches new phone iPhone7


sfaApple introduces new iPhone7 and iPhone7 plus. This is Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook has previously suḷumohotakaṭa ago in California, was launched.

The phone has been launched with its own specific range of new devices this year iPhone7.

The iPhone is not 7 conventional headphone socket. Instead, with the introduction of two Airpods if the wireless earphones. This device is equipped with high-tech features of the ideological Stokes.

Button used in new mobile phone (Home Button) is configured in a way that is based on responses to shocks.

iPhone7 is configured so as to protect it from dust and water 30 minutes 1m (3.2ft) may be safe to connect deep.

iPhone7 plus rear camera phone, which consists of 2 optical magnification (optical zooming) and DSLR cameras can only bokeh effects from this new camera technology has been provided by.

Apple’s latest and iPhone7 iPhone7 plus more information is available through the link below.

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